International Airline Resources



  • Contract of Carriage Terms:

    Unavailable online.  Contact the carrier directly as the airline is required by law to maintain and provide a copy of the contract upon request.

  • Customer Relations Compliant Contact:
    United States:

    5510 NE Courier CT
    Portland, OR 97218

    South Terminal, Capital International Airport

  • Officers of the Company:

    Depending on the nature of your complaint you may want to send your letter to the appropriate officer of the company or cc that person on your letter, along with the Department of Transportation and other relevant consumer organizations.

    Li Jiaxiang: Chairman
    Kong Dong: Vice Chairman
    Wang Shixiang: Vice Chairman
    Yao Weiting: Non-Executive Director
    Ma Xulun: Executive Director/President
    Cai Jianjiang: Executive Director/Vice President
    Fan Cheng: Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer
    Henry Hu Hung Lick: Independent Non-Executive Director
    Wu Zhipan: Independent Non-Executive Director
    Zhang Ke: Independent Non-Executive Director

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